Domestic Staff, House Management, Pohlmann & Lange, Hauspersonalagentur

We are an international couple looking preferable for a German & English speaking House Manager / Domestic Couple for a stunning Country Home in Kitzbühel, Austria.

The couple needs to run our villa in the style of a 5-star luxury hotel with the utmost skills in luxury service and entertaining. 

We spend most of the time traveling and Kitzbühel is one of our Country houses. We don’t expect this Domestic couple to travel with us at this time. When we are in Austria, this couple has to be available 24/7.  When gone, there is more flexibility and open time.  The candidates need to understand high style, class and service, but with a casual, humble, private, sweet, caring and quiet personality.  It is very, very important that this team or main person has a Yes and Can Do, Nice Attitude.  As we have the same mentality. We are looking for a very long term relationship with this couple, so a proper age is important. 


House Manager

He (or she) must be able to understand the subtle details, details, details. Total smooth operation of this 5-star home. From filling in for a housekeeper, cooking to trouble shooting a home technical problem.  They also will be a personal assistant for travel bookings, entertainment arranging to other personal duties.

Home Technical knowledge is a plus.  Our home is technically very advanced  with the latest in home technology. The House Manager needs to have some basic knowledge of home innovation and technical trouble shooting.

Auto  Care.  We have 4 cars, our toys.  Need to schedule all maintenance, records, gas, license plates, service, etc. for these cars.

Driver.  Driving responsibilities.

Gardening.  Basic gardening and maintenance for small yard with pool and fountains. 

Entertaining.  Small dinner parties to special events at the house. We need the House Manager to handle all duties in planning and preparation. Needs to understand 5-star service.   Bartending, serving – butler-style activities.

Household finances.  Purchasing, expense reports and overall financial care of the house activities on a monthly basis.

Personal Assistant.  They need to speak, read and write English and German.  Also have a computer knowledge for other personal business dealings such as travel arrangements, and other assistant-type duties.

Cooking.  Basic Cooking is a plus.

Household Domestic

She (or He) has full responsibility for the domestic duties of the household. Cleaning, laundry, ironing, some cooking, maintenance of wardrobes, packing and unpacking luggage, wardrobe repairs, market shopping and more.

Cooking.   Cooking is a must, but not daily.  Must have the ability for all types of cooking, recipes.  We usually hire a chef for dinner parties.

Wardrobe.  Must have knowledge of the care and organization of designer clothes, laundry. Light sewing if needed, etc.  Packing and unpacking luggage.

Must understand luxury entertaining, serving and preparing cocktail parties and dinner parties.

Quiet, reserved, proper, sweet, gentle and very detail oriented is a must.

Prefer English and German Speaking, however if a couple and one of them speaks and reads German fluently this also may work.  

Must be able to drive – or partner to drive. Start December 2019 – Accomodation provided

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